Systèmes d’information achats en pleine mutation :
les trois tendances majeures du secteur

SIRIUS Barometer 2022

  • UNIT 4 acquires Source to Contract vendor ScanMarket
    “The combination will deliver a full Source-to-Pay procurement journey tailored for the needs of midmarket organization.” ScanMarket, the Danish publisher of the eponymous Source to Contract on-demand solution, is ending more than twenty years of independence by joining the UK’s Unit 4’s dedicated SME application portfolio. The promise at the top of the press release […]
  • With Maurice Hamoir, a new wind is blowing at OALIA
    The arrival of Maurice Hamoir as head of sales and marketing at OALIA Smart Procurement confirms a desire for growth that was foreseen in the latest announcements by the French SaaS Source-to-Pay software vendor.
  • Additive Manufacturing between decarbonisation and cost reduction and MOQ
    Relocation and decarbonisation, rising costs and supply disruption, availability and agility. Spare parts management is a combination of the challenges of the decade. With the French startup Spare Parts 3D, additive manufacturing optimises your industrial assets, enhances your information capital and provides an operational response to Procurement, Supply and Society. What if you could copy and […]

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