Digital Procurement Transformation Success Barometer – 2021

Barometer created by Cyrénac Conseil with the support of ADRA (French association of procurement manager et director) in collaboration with INSIDEBOARD.

Although Purchasing Departments, at the heart of these business transformation issues, began their digitalization several years ago, no study on the state of the art of the success of their digital transformation existed until now.

This is the ambition of this 1st edition of the Digital Procurement Success Barometer: to understand and measure the ROI of the digital transformation of Procurement in all its dimensions, from alignment with the company’s digital transformation and with the objectives of the COMEX, to the maturity of the data and the Function, and the adoption of tool-based processes and change management to enable the commitment of all the players in the value chain.

We addressed the following themes:

  • the ability to define the target and measure the success of the digital transformation;
  • the organisation and the potential of digital solutions;
  • the impact of digital on your organisation;
  • the maturity of the function in the face of digital transformation;
  • data, the fuel of your digitalization.

Scientific Council

Let’s thank the members of the Scientific Council who invested their free time to create knowledge for the Purchasing Function. They were at the heart of the creation of the themes, the questions and the analyses.

CAP GEMINI, Emmanuel Erba, Chief Procurement Officer
COVEA, Sylvie Noël, Group Purchasing Director
ENGIE, Vincent Leclerc, Senior Contract Manager
EPFL – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Pierre Ouvry, Process & Method Manager
IVALUA, Franck Quétier, Customer Success EMEA
LE CÈDRE, Louis de Lamaestre, Director of Markets
MEOTEC, Raphaël Bellière-Lottier, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Purchasing, Digital and Innovation
RÉGION ÎLE de France, Marc Sauvage, Deputy Director General
SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, Joël Aznar, Director Global Supply chain & Data Governance

SEPHORA COLLECTION, Laétitia Catrice, Purchasing Director
SERVIER, Sylvain Féraud, Director Group Purchasing Services
TERREAL, Alexis de Nervaux, Chief Digital Officer
THALES, Laurent Cochererau, Indirect Purchasing Director
VEOLIA, Frank Vidal, Purchasing Transformation Director
VEOLIA, Benjamin Hulot, Vice President Purchasing Performance
VINCI CONSTRUCTION FRANCE, Pierre Bourgoin, Director of Purchasing and Logistics
François Gautier, Senior Advisor and Transition Purchasing Director
Christian Mardrus, Senior Advisor and Interim Managing Director

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