Procurement Process Digitalisation Study 2023

For more than 15 years, IS Purchasing or Business Spend Management information systems have been deployed alongside ERP’s without the business as a whole being aware of the reality of the automation and the functional depth deployed versus the famous best practices.

Our ambition

To offer a benchmarking tool for the digitalisation of Purchasing Function processes

  • To know by business function the level of integration and completeness of the digitised business process
  • To measure the level of digitalisation implemented versus manual processes with their share of double entries
  • Thinking beyond the Purchasing IS to ERP solutions, enterprise collaborative solutions and BPM’s, RPA, etc.
  • Informing on data strategy versus process management
  • Question the measurement of productivity points gained

Scientific Council

  • The Scientific Council brings together people who are passionate about the function, its challenges and digital.
  • The Scientific Council is the source of creation and validation of the questions and analysis of the information collected, enabling the creation of knowledge of the Purchasing Function for the Purchasing Function.
  • Practitioners exchanging with their peers will produce knowledge that can be used by editors, integrators and consulting firms beyond the business.

AGIRC-ARRCO, Aurélien Larrat, Manager of procurement for IT departement
ARKEMA, Pierre Hugon, Head of Procurement Performance and Process & Tools
ARMOR Groupe, Marie-Josée Creuset, Chief Procurement Officer
AXENS, Alain Lecarpentier, Chief Procurement Officer
CRÉDIT AGRICOLE SA, Maxime, Genestier, DAG / Secrétaire Général Achats Groupe
DOMITYS, Laëtitia Morice, Chief Procurement Officer
EPFL – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Pierre Ouvry, Methods & Tools manager
EQUANS, Mathieu Pique, Procurement Performance & Support Director
FGA Consulting, François Gautier, Senior Advisor
FORVIA, Guillaume Clergue, Vice-President Purchasing
Groupe PERRET, Patrice Tiolet, Chief Information Officer & Chief Organization Officer
Groupe PVCP, Laurent Thomas, Senior Manager Group – Indirect Procurement
INFOPRO DIGITAL, David Luby, Chief Procurement Office
IRIS Telecommunication, Philippe Thérosiet,(fmr) Chief Procurement Officer

LE DUFF, Olivier Grouet, Supply Chain Director
LES MOUSQUETAIRES, Christopher Gérard, Head of Information Technology Procurement
MALAKOFF HUMANIS, Ludovic Granese, Group Chief Procurement Officer
MEOTEC, Raphaël BELLIERE-LOTTIER, Directeur Général en charge des Achats, du Digital et de l’Innovation
MONOPRIX, Malika Burguière, E-procurement functional Manager
RÉALITÉS, Jean-Frédéric Nau, Chief Procurement Officer & General Services
SCHLUMBERGER, Jean-Marc Vergnaud, (for) Director of Procurement, Supply Chain & Real Estate
SCOR, Renaud Munoz, Chief Procurement Officer
SKF Group, Loïc Abgrall, Purchasing Sub-process Manager (S2C process & tools group)
SOMFY, Charles-Édouard Vasse, Group Chief Procurement Officer
TEREOS, David Delalande, Group Chief Procurement Officer
WESTLAKE GLOBAL COMPOUNDS, Fadi Khawand, Chief Procurement Officer
YVES ROCHER, Romain Laclaverie, Group Procurement Excellence Director

Planning and communication

  • The work will last from February to October 2023.
  • The White Paper containing the results of the study, the analyses of the Scientific Council and the interviews of its members will be distributed free of charge to the Purchasing Community.
  • Our partner Décision Achats will relay the accumulated knowledge to the Community.
  • The results will be communicated during a remote launch Conference-Live in November 2023.