Purchasing data management, the new gold rush?

SIRIUS Barometer 2022

  • Storm in the tech sector 
    Paradoxically, software vendors are making hundreds of thousands of layoffs at the same time as digital transformation is taking hold. A review of the context, expectations and proposals for action for French Tech’s procurement and purchasing information systems? Like a foghorn in the fog, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank signals the end of easy … Read more
  • Goodbye Mr Bernshteyn, what Coupa will be like tomorrow?
    On May 1, 2023, a thunderclap sounded in the small world of purchasing information systems. Mr. Rob Bernshteyn, Chairman and CEO, announced his departure from Coupa only four months after the announcement of the acquisition of the vendor, world leader in Source to Pay solutions, by Thoma Bravo. How can one not wonder when in … Read more
  • Lemon Learning also takes care of your data quality
    While visiting Lemon Learning, one of our French Tech champions, in their offices in the heart of the Silicon Sentier in Paris, I discovered the benefits of this solution to help your employees use SaaS solutions: beautifully designed, with – a stroke of technical genius – an integration with your SaaS solutions in less than 5 … Read more

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