May 9, 2023

Lemon Learning also takes care of your data quality

By Patrick Chabannes

While visiting Lemon Learning, one of our French Tech champions, in their offices in the heart of the Silicon Sentier in Paris, I discovered the benefits of this solution to help your employees use SaaS solutions: beautifully designed, with – a stroke of technical genius – an integration with your SaaS solutions in less than 5 minutes, a right-click access to contextualized documentation on the various business objects and, the object of my enthusiasm, the possibility to present a business explanation at the level of the input field itself. 

No wonder Lemon Learning boasts 160 customers, many of them CAC 40 and SBF 120 companies, for both the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of the Sales Department and the SRM and Source-to-Pay of the Purchasing Department. These companies create content to help their employees navigate the tools available to them. A very process and procedure oriented approach. And yet, since the organization can interact at the very moment when the employee is going to enter one or more data, why not assist them step by step?

classic screen of contextualized help on a business gesture in a process

And why not use adoption software as a tool to support data quality?

Articles, Suppliers, these data entered in the Purchasing or Source-to-Pay IS do not benefit from the full attention of employees overwhelmed with tasks of various values, whereas, shit in shit out, a creation or modification of repository data can have a devastating effect on the value chain. But are you really helping your employees to capture information in a qualitative way?

Of course you do! We have implemented data governance, written a procedure with a clear modus operandi, defined a process in a collaborative and benevolent way, organized awareness meetings… Everything is going well for us! 

And yet, data quality still seems to escape you? What else can you do that hasn’t been done?

Assistance in mastering the data: explanations, steps, guide…

Use Lemon Learning to coach your employees on how to capture quality data.

Assuming that our collaborators do their best and that the source of errors comes from the absence of the right information at the right time, it will not be a matter of seeing the human at the service of the machine but of putting the robot at the service of the human for the benefit of all.

Just imagine that at the very moment when the person clicks on the article field, a pop-up informs him: have you checked if this article exists in the database, please click here to do so. The robot is at the service of the human. Human-machine interaction has progressed. The quality of the data too. Decisions will be made on more reliable data. 

Lectori salutem, Patrick