May 3, 2023

ZIVIO, a solution to solve the inherent SOW complexity

By Patrick Chabannes

The Procurement Services market is definitely booming with solutions emerging here or there to improve this particular procurement category. Based in the nice town of Brighton since 2018, the discrete software vendor ZIVIO dedicated its resources in business knowledge and new technologies to solve the SOW, Statement of Work, complexity with a nice AI-powered SaaS-Cloud platform. Anyone who had to negotiate and follow-up a SOW for complex services knows what I am talking about and the pain it represents. 

ZIVIO to solve Complex Services with SOW complexity even on 1 million€ spend

Supported in their organic growth by customers like Lockheed Martin, Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) or Recruitment Agencies (account-based project), ZIVIO’s people knows what they are trying to solve : 

  • Save time & money on complex services around SOW negotiation, 
  • project follow-up and supplier performance with efficiency, 
  • business skills and technology offering real-time intelligence, 
  • AI powered insight and self-service workflows.
  • With full Integration with S2P processes.

ZIVIO, a COUPA Partner for Complex Services 

As you may know COUPA CCW, Coupa contingent workforce, works well but when it comes to SOW complexity, COUPA customers, as well as customers of SAP or other Source-to-Pay providers, should consider ZIVIO as a potential add-on on top of their S2P process using prebuilt, plug-and-play, connectors. 

ZIVIO will use supplier panel and enrich the context in SOW collaboration with the supplier, follow the project milestones that will be use as acceptance for eInvoicing and add a layer of Supplier Performance for improvement.

ZIVIO, a SaaS-Cloud platform with plug & play connectors

“With data on the requirement, budget, deadline and outcome of every milestone of every project, procurement can start to create benchmarks and therefore KPIs around value. Armed with KPIs and performance data around scope-creep, time-to-market, or revenue-uplift, procurement can now talk about the value they bring, instead of just defaulting back to cost reduction.” Jonny Dunning, CEO, ZIVIO

What they do not do : 

  • ZIVIO will not cover time & material services with timesheet, sourcing, CV analysis, free-lance marketplace….
ZIVIO demo available on VIMEO

Patrick’s opinion April 2023

The reader must be consider this article only as an information. I had a conversation without any demonstration and was not been able to qualify their plug-and-play and API’s.

Maintaining their secret of sauce is not surprising for a new kid on the block. They need to growth without showing to much unless you are a potential customer. 

My feeling

  • The Procurement services software is in fire. Very interesting.
  • I am very pleased to, at least, see a software vendor offering plug and play connectors to other SaaS solution. We desperately need vendors ready to work with others for the benefit of Procurement and efficiency. 
  • They know what they want to solve.
  • Procurement services is a growing but fuzzy market with many types of providers tackling part of the pains. Decision makers will need clarity to move forward.


Lectori salutem, Patrick