March 18, 2020

Great series of Supplier data challenge 30′ seminars

By Patrick Chabannes

Stephany Lapierre, Tealbook CEO, managed to organize a serie of seven 30’ sessions with bright minds of our industry to discuss about Supplier Data. 7 themes, 7 speakers, 7 experiences, 7 30’ sessions of intelligence about Supplier data

Why ?

  • Because Garbagge in, garbagge out and software requires clean data to function properly,
  • Because clean Supplier data are the only valid fuel for Procurement team to achieve high level goals and effective digital transformation,
  • Because Procurement since too long into software solutions that promise efficiency, transparency and savings. But Procurement teams are still struggling; 
    • no confidence in the quality of supplier data,
    • no mechanism in place to improve it over time
    • and Procurement teams seem to believe that Software Suite or Platforms will cure fundamental data issues. 

Schedule & Guests

  • The Supplier Data Problem, Observations from the Industry
    Wednesday March 25th at 5pm CET with Stephany Lapierre, Tealbook CEO
  • The Current State of supplier data
    April 1st at 5pm CET with Chris Sawchuk, Hackett Group, Global Procurement leader 
  • The Future State of supplier data 
    April 8th at 5pm with Dr. Elouise Epstein, Kearney, Vice President
  • The Future of Supplier Data is NOW!
    April 15th at 5pm CET with Walter Charles, Allergan, Chief Procurement Officer
  • The Importance of Leading Transformations with Data vs Technology
    April 22nd at 5pm CET with Tim Herrod, FCL, Global Procurement Executive
  • The Foundation has a Name
    April 29th with 5pm with Matt Palackdharry, Tealbook, Vice President
  • The Power of Autonomous Data Enrichment
    May 6th at 5pm CET with Geoff Peddle, Tealbook, Chief Technical Officer
  • Supercharge Your Investment
    May 13th at 5pm CET with Stephany Lapierre, Tealbook, CEO

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