December 29, 2021

Excel in 60 questions/answers by Frédérique Joucla

By Patrick Chabannes

If Excel is the most widely used software in companies, it is also the most underused. And yet pivot tables, subtotals, sorting and other advanced functions can be mastered by anyone. Access directly operational knowledge by starting with the inevitable and little-known data table and the unavoidable Pivot Table. 

Unfortunately only available in French, the clarity of Frédérique Joucla’s pedagogical approach, inspired by her studies in psychology and her passion for neuroscience, offers dummies, beginners, experienced users who don’t know what they don’t know and pros, access to practical knowledge that is a source of personal productivity.

Her YouTube channel offers 4′ content on directly operational topics such as data tables and DCTs, finding errors in these large data tables, combining content, separating first names and surnames, sorting or filters…..

Her book, Excel in 60 questions/answers, subtitled “everything you always wanted to know about Excel without ever having dared to ask” will allow everyone to complete their knowledge to work faster and make their tables more reliable. 

Lectori salutem, Patrick