April 6, 2023

CARBONATOR by BENGS, a carbon approach combining advice and technology

By Patrick Chabannes

The Bengs consultancy firm based in Paris and New-York has worked on the creation and monitoring of a roadmap to reduce your carbon footprint by combining consultancy and technology.

A methodology with five degrees of maturity to progressively achieve the transition that everyone is aiming for, starting with the evaluation and purchasing strategy ( PCF/€M spent), which will then become more precise on a product approach with its place of production or transformation, culminating in the possibility of recommending a purchasing strategy linked to all the carbon weight drivers.

A dream, you might ask? No, a continuous process combining patience, methodology, skills, data and technology.

The secret is awareness of the base line and individual and collective behaviour. Continuous improvement over 4 to 8 years!

  • Digital platform integrated into the ecosystem
  • A library of models depending on the level of maturity
  • A multidisciplinary team: purchasing, digital, carbon expert

Which technology will you say?

If the methodology is applicable regardless of your choice of Purchasing IS application, the Ivalua and Bengs AI specialists have carried it out in practice on the platform of the French and world leader in Spend Management.

And what about the data?

If many data providers are present on the market an integrated in Carbonator, I hope in an alliance of Carbonator by Bengs with GCI, Global Climate Initiative, a digital platform allowing Suppliers to produce a PCF, Product Carbon Footprint, standardized ISO 14067 to further accelerate your carbon roadmap. 

Lectori salutem, Patrick