July 9, 2020

Artificial intelligence is shaking up the microprocessor market

By Patrick Chabannes

More innovation is happening in the semiconductor industry today than at any time since Silicon Valley’s earliest days. Untold billions of dollars are in play.

Specialized graphics accelerator GPU enabled the take-off of the video game industry. The artificial intelligence revolution will require a new generation of CPU created for the occasion. 

Until today, AI run on GPU chips such as NVidia, which saw its stock market valuation explode between 2013 and 2018, have been used, thanks to their parallel versus serial processing capabilities.

In recent years no less than 5 companies, AI chips, have been listed at over $1 billion. Intel has made its market there. Cerebra Systems creates a super chip; Lightmatter uses light instead of electricity, Grocq chooses the deduction and many others….

Lectori salutem, Patrick