July 3, 2020

Has the meeting, a decreed and compulsory workplace, finally found its solution?

By Patrick Chabannes

“There is more light and wisdom in many men together than in one. »
Teleworking is a great way to increase the number of meetings. This shameful and unavoidable formal workplace causes psychological wear and tear, but its absence causes attention-destroying work interruptions. Everyone knows, at last should, the principles of their organization, few are those who put them into practice. Everything has been tried; an abundance of literature has been published for decades; nothing helps. Whiteboard or visual management solutions bring improvements but do not address the major points: preparation, reporting and follow-up in asynchronous collaborative mode.

Cocoricoooo !!!! A French software company, ASTER, has been offering for 2 years a collaborative solution with a breathtaking user experience.
In an interview to listen to on Youtube the gadzar CEO of ASTER, Vincent Mendes details the principles and functionalities of his Cloud software with his interlocutor the brilliant Bertrand Duperrin with the essential blog.

ASTER’s vision
Meetings are first and foremost a place of work. Therefore, the preparation, reporting and follow-up of the actions to be carried out are the sensitive points to be improved by adding collaboration, a neat user experience and a seamless integration with the usual office automation tools.

  • Integration with Microsoft and Google’s collaboration and messaging tools, calendar and tasks, as well as with task and document management tools.
  • Meeting preparation, integrated with the invitation, is a collaborative, online document available in the automatically created meeting calendar with customizable templates,
  • Actors are assigned roles, with personalized messages and reminders about their expected contributions.
  • collaborative agenda amendment,
  • creation of the automated report,
  • integration of personal notes
  • Invitations to employees by subject within the same meeting,
  • automatic resumption of the rest to be processed for recurring meetings (CoPil…)
  • Topics appearing in one meeting are added on the fly and will automatically be included in the minutes and/or menu for the next meeting.
  • And many other tips & tricks

The cherry on the cake and promise of extended adoption, only the meeting creator requires a license, other actors inside or outside the company will be able to contribute, bring up topics, get the minutes at no additional cost.

Editor’s tip : target regular meetings first, the backbone of organizations.

And of course indicators are available. These KPIs will allow to calculate productivity, cost, time spent in meetings, number of decisions taken in meetings, etc…

The French nugget of 20 people is waiting for you to improve teamwork, teleworking, with collaboration before and after the meeting, this mandatory workspace.

  • Featured image: http://leblogdelavae.com/votre-entreprise-ne-serait-elle-pas-atteinte-de-reunionite/
  • epigraph: “There is more light and wisdom in many men together than in one. “Alexis de Tocqueville, De la démocratie en Amérique, Pagnerre, 1848, volume 2, p 130

Lectori salutem, Patrick