March 9, 2022

With Maurice Hamoir, a new wind is blowing at OALIA

By Patrick Chabannes

The arrival of Maurice Hamoir as head of sales and marketing at OALIA Smart Procurement confirms a desire for growth that was foreseen in the latest announcements by the French SaaS Source-to-Pay software vendor.

Maurice is a Procurement professional with a deep knowledge of the business and digital tools. He has worked for Arcelor, KeyMRO and EPSA. After a few years at Bravosolution, he became the advocate of Procurement Performance alongside Pierre Laprée and his Per Angusta with the incredible success that we know. There is no doubt that Maurice will bring to Oalia a commercial dynamic that will live up to the reputation of seriousness and solidity that the software vendor enjoys with its customer community.

OALIA Smart Procurement is a French Source-to-Pay software vendor created at the dawn of the new century by two graduates of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Eric Decarpentries and Jean-Philippe Nowakowski. Its solution is called OALIA Excellence. It is offered as a SaaS solution and covers: tender management, contract management, supplier management, eProcurement with two vertical axes: purchasing of intellectual services and purchasing under public procedures.
The development is of high quality and the technological foundations are solid. The software vendor has announced several new features, including the extension of Embedded Analytics, a redesign of the user experience and functional extensions.

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The company’s culture is strongly influenced by the founders who are still in charge. An engineer’s culture of “I say, I do” or “Give me a problem, I solve it” combined with an absence of the culture of lying so common in the software industry.
This attitude, extended to the whole team of nearly 30 people, allows for an open and frank relationship that makes collaboration pleasant. Obviously, the other side of the coin is an under-investment in marketing and communication, resulting in a lack of market recognition for a software vendor that has been serving the procurement function for 20 years.

Market recognition and growth are the challenges facing Maurice Hamoir, who will be able to rely on the excellent Marketing Director, Isabelle Darlow from Lyon, who has led the redesign of the company’s identity, and Michael Lao, Sales Manager, who has recently joined the team.

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We wish OALIA good luck, as its founders deserve it, and would not be surprised to see in two or three years’ time a fund-raising operation to further accelerate growth that has been too organic up to now.

Lectori salutem, Patrick