January 13, 2023

Relocation, short circuits… And your Digital Purchasing? 

By Patrick Chabannes

January 2023, resolutions! And at a time when local purchasing, the consolidation of excellent sectors and the employment of our children are at stake, why not take a look at the Source to Pay digital purchasing offer designed in France? Why consider them? 

“*The securitisation of cyberspace has certainly led́ to a return of the State.”

After 30 years of Western-dominated globalization extension making the world a village in an intellectually weakening consensus, the first dissensus and fault lines are appearing which will see diplomacy and geopolitics regain their right. Unless we think of a total victory over Russia leading to its dismemberment, **the new Westphalian paradigm (30-year war – 1648) will be accompanied by treaties on digital sovereignty over cross-border flows” with the addition of global digital players such as GAFAMs or telco operators… 

Consequently, securing cyberspace in this world of at least four kingdoms (Russia, China, USA, EU) becomes a risk that Buyers will have to consider with a new eye when it comes to contracting with Digital Purchasing players.

“French companies should favour the “French team” with French capital.

Without falling into ideological protectionism, should we not first think of French publishers with family capital? On a strategic level, allowing the French software industry, which creates wealth in euros, to grow and gain market share internationally contributes to the creation of wealth, the strength of our currency and the common good.

“Digital Purchasing editors lack purchasing skills, and it shows.

Behind this assertion by the author of these lines lies another reality. While French IS Purchasing publishers have competent R&D teams and visionary management, their competitors only have sales, marketing and implementation offices in France (and even then). Working with a local publisher also means being listened to and heard, finding collaboration and strengthening our country’s position in the new Westphalian world.

“Cybersecurity is not a label, it is research and requirement. 

How can we not be outraged by these publishers displaying labels like a goatherd displays its agricultural competition plaques without the buyer being able to visit the hosting premises or even being able to access the content of the subcontract. Between sovereignty, residency and localisation, to which we can add TIA or Transfer Impact Assessment, data processing is becoming more complex in the new Westphalian geopolitical framework. Choose publishers with a trained, demanding team that conducts research.

AddworkingFrance, AnnecyAchats de sous-traitance
Ach@t Solutions (Agysoft, SISMarché)France Achats publics
AxiscopeFrance, Ile de FranceSource-to-Pay et Qualité Fournisseur
BeBookFrance, Ile de FranceHUB Procurement Catalogue & Contrat
BME Software (Sourcing Force)France, Ile de FrancePlateforme de Gestion des Achats
Cobuy (Oxalys)France, VannesSupplier Management for Manufacturing
CorcentricUSA avec Pôle R&D P2P à Aix en ProvenceSource-to-Pay
Easypics & BreputationFrance, Ile de FranceAnalyse de dépenses et risque fournisseurs
EskerFrance, LyonProcure to Pay
HyperlexFrance, Ile de FranceGestion de Contrat
IbatFrance,ToulouseProcure to Pay
ITSoftFrance, Ile de FranceDématérialisation & eFacturation
IvaluaFrance, Ile de FranceSource-to-Pay
My Buyer WorkFrance, RennesGestion projet Achats – Source to Contrat
Myse (ByO)France, Ile de FranceCatégorie Management
OpaseFrance, Ile de FranceAchats PII – Prestation Intellectuelle
OPC by NeqoFrance, Ile de FranceAchats publics
OaliaFrance, Ile de FranceSource-to-Pay et Achats PII 
OkaveoFrance, LyonPerformance fournisseurs
OrgasoftwareFrance, ToursGestion Fournisseurs
OxalysFrance, Ile de FranceSource-to-Pay
Per Angusta  (Spend HQ)USA avec Pôle R&D Performance Fournisseurs à LyonGestion Fournisseurs et Analyse de Dépenses
SilexFrance, Ile de FranceSourcing Fournisseurs
StratowFrance, Ile de FranceArchive & Démat Factures
SynerTrade (ECONOCOM)Belgique, Direction Produit & CEO en FranceSource-to-Pay
WeprocFrance, ToulonProcure to Pay
YoozFrance, Ile de FranceDématérialisation & eFacturation


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Lectori salutem, Patrick