Les trois scopes de la décarbonation par GCI
April 16, 2023

Global Climate Initiatives, The Carbon Inventory ® for all

By Patrick Chabannes

The energetic and multi-entrepreneur Philippe Mangeard founded GCI, Global Climate Initiatives, in 2011 to transform the intentions of the Grenelle de l’environnement and the Paris Agreement into reality.

His atypical background, his skills and his unwavering motivation enable him to offer one of the most advanced digital platforms available today, enabling your Supplier Companies to carry out their GHG Scopes 1, 2 and 3 assessment independently or at least to calculate the “carbon weight” of products and services sold, in compliance with ISO 14 067.

The Platform has been developed with a single idea in mind, a motto, a leitmotiv: Don’t do my Carbon Footprint, teach me how to do it!

Its value proposition is based on two essential axes 

  • Each SME, ETI, Large Company and Local Authority can autonomously carry out its complete GHG assessment (scopes 1, 2 and 3) in compliance with the GHG Protocol, ISO 14 064-1, Bilan Carbone© method, thanks to a real ease of use
  • Affordable pricing, with prices ranging from €350 to €4,450 excluding VAT, depending on the size of the company (from very small businesses to large groups), making it possible to reasonably envisage an ROI.

Measuring thanks to an autonomous Carbon Inventory

This is indeed a Bilan Carbone® in the sense of the brand name registered by Ademe, but the approach is that of a more educational and less worrying GHG Inventory made accessible thanks to the GCI Digital Platform which, at each stage, provides the items to be filled in, the emission factors, makes the calculations, draws up the famous balance sheet in accordance with the regulations and proposes a reduction action plan!

  1. Identification of the quantities of materials, energy, products and services purchased and produced by the company
    1. GCI Platform provides an exhaustive list of items to be quantified.
  2. Assignment of an emission factor for each item (not €)
    1. GCI Platform interactively proposes all the emission factor bases.
  3. Automation by the GCI Platform calculator
    1. Calculation of total emissions (not total cost)
    1. Classification into scopes 1, 2 or 3 and regulatory items
  4. Automatic creation of a detailed report in accordance with international standards

Measuring is good, acting is better!

The GCI Digital Platform offers 

  • Emission reduction paths for creating an action plan,
  • A simulation of execution to prioritise actions.

And of course the Platform will allow the monitoring of the implementation of the plan.

Les 3 scopes dela décarbonation

What about Transport?

As a transport specialist, Philippe Mangeard first developed a complete approach to the subject, enabling the recovery of the Transport PCF with its emission index. Unfamiliar with the subject, I must admit that I did not understand much when Philippe launched into the subject that has enabled him to develop his business over the last ten years because, remember, Transport was the only survivor of the legislative transposition of the Grenelle in 2019.

And what about the supplier’s secret sauce?

Some people might rightly say: “But if you calculate the FCP of a Product, Purchasing will have to communicate the details of its composition that the Supplier does not want to communicate for various reasons”.

And this is a very fair question. The GCI Platform allows the details of the composition and calculation to be made invisible to the Buyer who can, if he wishes, ask a Trusted Third Party to verify the assertions to validate its compliance.

Integration of PCF and GHG data into your Purchasing IS

The Platform’s data can be digested by marketplaces, catalogues, product lists in your ERP, and therefore in your transactions…

How to get there?

  • About a hundred certified partner consultants (not me!)
  • Ask for a demo,

The contacts

Acronyms and standards

  • GHG: greenhouse gas
  • GHG: greenhouse gas protocol
  • CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • ISO 14064, quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals
  • PCF, Product Carbon Footprint
  • ISO 14067, PCF, Product Carbon Footprint

Lectori salutem, Patrick